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Preview TV21 and Dynamic Global Media

Preview TV21 with the call letters of KVQT Channel 21 is an antenna HD TV station broadcasting to over 2 million people throughout Houston and the surrounding areas.
Dynamic Global Media is a full-service video production company providing video services to their cliental across the nation. DGM is a full-service video production company who also manages a Television station. We are focused on developing programming we can air on our station. We also produce around fifty TV commercials a year.

We do contract video work for companies and clients we have had for over twenty years like Chevron. We offer concept, script-writing, shooting, editing, distribution and media buying as well.

We are most proud of our customer service and friendships that have developed over the years. Many who started as clients are now close and cherished friends.

For our Advertisers and Sponsors, our goal is to show the world who you really are and help strengthen our local economies by focusing on local and national companies and organizations. We create your story to align with those ideas and capture that audience you are trying to reach with sight, sound, and motion. We are about storytelling from deep in the heart of Texas. We want to offer businesses a new way of connecting with potential patrons and customers by giving your business as much or as little guidance as needed to create a dynamic customer experience that will set you apart from the competition.

We have found that when we share our client's stories and are able to connect with the audience emotionally, intelligently, and accurately, the results are amazing. We will help them create their own show, their own Television brand and move light years at light-speed beyond what any sales and marketing advertisers have done in the past.








Dynamic Global Media

Crystal Christmas

“We want to offer local and national businesses and agencies an opportunity to create their own Television program. If they want to have an impact, they need to have a story and television is the best story telling tool ever invented. We will help them create their own show, their own television brand and broadcast it to the world for them.”



Dynamic Global Media

Gary Parker
President DGM

“I have been in video production for over forty years and was always looking for distribution like KVQT21 for our independent films, documentaries, and programs. We want to offer other producers an opportunity to air their projects as well. We are looking for a variety of content to share with the two million viewers in Houston and the world through streaming on KVQT We also offer commercial airtime as well, so we market slots and spots.”

lindsay landin


Dynamic Global Media

Lindsay Landin
Customer Services DGM

“When we say full service, we mean exactly that. We create the concept, write the script, cast the talent, shoot the video, edit the video, and distribute the final video. We also are looking to help over Producers and Directors to distribute their content as well. We want to be known as the channel where you saw it first.”